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About Us \ Introduction


UGCC enlisted as United Gulf Construction Company is a highly-specialized construction company with core competence in building construction, civil infrastructure, roads and landscaping. Located in Kuwait, UGCC serves both government and private sectors with unparalleled engineering skill, professionalism and strong commitment for each and every project. For over 35 years, UGCC has built a reputation as the most valuable construction company in Kuwait by delivering turnkey construction projects of varying sizes to every part of Kuwait. In recent years, UGCC has expanded its construction activity in the Sultanate of Oman, Libya, and India.
Because of engineering excellence and project management expertise, UGCC has been labeled as a “Grade I” company for infrastructure work and building by Kuwait Municipality and the Central Tendering Committee. In 2005, UGCC achieved the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certifications for its entire range of operations; demonstrating UGCC’s commitment towards uncompromising quality standards and excellence in customer service. UGCC has also achieved international recognition for its health and safety programmes by completing OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in Occupational Health & Safety. UGCC’s primary safety rule for accidents is governed by: Zero Tolerance. This policy not only enhances the safety of work crews, it also has the benefits of reducing injury-related downtime and maintaining reduced rates of materials damage.

UGCC has also excelled in materials technology, geotechnical engineering, transport planning and environmental study of large projects. UGCC has been instrumental in executing some of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the Middle East region. UGCC has amassed the largest fleet of construction equipment and vehicles in Kuwait.  UGCC’s fleet is constantly upgraded and kept to the highest technological and mechanical standards by management personnel and top engineers. In addition, UGCC acts as agent for several companies and agencies in Kuwait. Recently, UGCC has developed a series of relationships with major International companies to further expand its capabilities.

UGCC employees deliver outstanding work for their clients through unparalled engineering skills, professionalism, and strong commitment,  while adhering to strict cost and time management. UGCC has always demonstrated its capability to deliver projects on or often prior to schedule. Under the able leadership of all of UGCC’s management team, we deliver the highest quality construction projects in alignment with our vision: “WE BUILD A BETTER WORLD”.

In 2001, Jeeran Holding Company, or JHC, was incorporated as a holding company under the Kuwait laws.  JHC holds 100% stake in the United Gulf Construction Company or UGCC.  In 2006, JHC became a public company listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange.  For more information on Jeeran Holding Company, visit www.jeeranholding.com.

About Our Founder

For over 35 years, Mr. Aliyar Dehghani, an outstanding visionary, has not only provided excellent leadership and exemplary professionalism to each and every construction project that UGCC executed, but has also built a team of 2,500 committed professionals including engineers, managers, accountants and financial executives. UGCC’s presence in the Kuwait construction landscape is now well established.   Under his able leadership and inspired by his vision Mr. Dehghani has built a contracting firm of the highest standards, where professionals from 22 different nations of diverse discipline, work together to deliver the highest quality construction projects. Mr. Dehghani continuously inspires the entire team to maintain its leadership position in the construction business and to contribute to the continued growth of UGCC for its employees, stakeholders, and customers..

What We Deliver

Engineering Excellence: UGCC is a professional firm that provides value-driven solutions based on engineering and technical skills. UGCC has a distinct culture with an enduring set of values that bind the firm together in project execution on the basis of all-round excellence. We encourage multinational professionals of diverse disciplines to work together to deliver exemplary projects of the highest quality. The hallmark of UGCC’s work also lies in its execution of a project, from inception to completion, often ahead of time.

Project Management of Unparalleled Scope: We have grown organically over the last 35 years to become an international contracting firm of unparalleled scope. Our research and development wing is committed to work with our project teams to deliver appropriate solutions to complex challenges.

Highest Quality Environment-friendly Construction Projects: UGCC was instrumental in the completion of some of the most impressive infrastructure projects in this region. UGCC delivers projects of the highest quality that are environment friendly, a stringent requirement for all twenty-first century construction projects. We express our creativity, team-work, belief in sustainability and global nature. We along with our clients and collaborators recognize the significant role we play in forming new environments.

Professionalism: Our key objective is to seek excellence in every aspect of our work and organization. We aim to maintain honor and mutual respect with a professional approach in relations between clients, members of the firm and collaborators. We seek to achieve a service appropriate to the needs of our clients and to society at large. We at UGCC have established a QMS training center to create conditions where qualified professionals, who share our aim and objectives, are motivated to work for us. We encourage creativity, skill sharing, skill development and teamwork. We operate within an organizational structure that allows people the freedom and flexibility to use their skills to their fullest potential.

We live in an age of continual and increasingly rapid change. Our aim is not just to keep pace with this change, but to help lead it.

Our Policies

Quality Control

UGCC is a contracting multi-disciplinary firm. We specialize in quality control in planning, and management of engineering projects throughout Kuwait.

We seek to improve our quality of performance and therefore the service given to our clients. It is our policy to give clear instructions which are necessary to facilitate the planning and execution of projects to meet the required quality needed of ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

Environmental Policy

UGCC recognizes the need to protect the environment and to use resources in a way that helps our future generations. UGCC aims to develop and maintain a high standard of environmental awareness and to continuously improve its environmental performance on its own activities and on its projects for others, wherever it has control or influence.

Safety Policy

UGCC achieved international recognition for its health and safety programmes by completing OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in Occupational Health & Safety. Our commitment towards our employees’ well-being and prevention of accidents is summarized by UGCC’s primary safety rule governed by: Zero Tolerance.  Our personnel continuously inspect changing workplace conditions to address hazards and minimise any potential risks. This policy not only enhances the safety of our work crews, it also reduces injury-related downtime and maintains reduced rates of materials damage.

Code of Practice on Equal Opportunities

UGCC is committed to equality of opportunity in employment, irrespective of race, color, or nationality. Our employment and recruitment practices shall support this principle, taking action where necessary, to enable all current and potential members of the firm to maximize opportunities.

Fundamental values

Our fundamental values remain unchanged since UGCC first put forth its vision in 1975 (in what is now known as the Key Speech). Indeed, they are strongly re-affirmed.

We have an organizational style that:
• Delivers maximum results
• Encourages initiative
• Cares for its members
• Celebrates success
• Meets deadlines.

Brief History (1975-Current)

The firm is over 35 years old and going strong.  We are growing in size and importance during the era of high public sector spending in Kuwait.

During IRAQ’S occupation, UGCC had lost almost 90% of its resources. Soon after liberation, UGCC was among the leading companies who have taken major role in rebuilding the nation of Kuwait. Better known for involvement with many of the high profile projects of the post-war years, UGCC has made a name for itself in many other aspects of engineering from building infrastructure needs ,roads, bridges completed incorporating structural pathology and materials technology, along with geo-techniques, transport planning, and industrial engineering groups.

UGCC is among the most efficient engineering organizations in the Middle East and represents a tremendous concentration of technical and strategic knowledge to the nation of Kuwait and internationally.