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Projects Overview

Headquartered in Kuwait, United Gulf Construction Company or UGCC has completed 35 years of professional services to the construction industry. Started in 1975, the organisation has grown from humble roots to become a leader in the construction industry. Specializing in building infrastructure, the company continues its pattern of growth.

For more than 35 years, United Gulf Construction Company has been at the forefront of its field. We've been setting the standard of excellence for the entire construction industry in Kuwait. This is a standard made possible by a unique set of assets: technical skills of the highest order, unmatched experience in our construction approach, eagerness to originality, and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. With these assets, we've compiled a record of achievement that is incomparable in this region.

UGCC has completed over 160 projects and with dozens more on the go, UGCC is a company to watch in the year 2011 and in the near future.  Our major project’s accomplishments range from the Deepest Sanitary Engineering Structure in Kuwait to the Single Largest Oil Gathering Center in Kuwait. The value of UGCC projects completed amounts to over US $2.6 billion. UGCC's work in progress locally values at over US $900 million and internationally for over US $490 million.

UGCC professional have established an unparalleled reputation for excellence in Kuwait. Our work includes placing, testing and commissioning more than 480,000 meter of water and gas pipelines, construction of 152,080 meters of concrete pipeline and 17,500 meters of box culverts and construction of 548 villas. UGCC has placed more than 338,500 meters of sanitary sewage gravity and pressure main and paved more than 2.7 million meters of asphalt.

To accomplish these and future initiatives, the United Gulf Construction Company has amassed the largest fleet of construction equipment and vehicles in Kuwait.  UGCC’s fleet is constantly upgraded and kept to the highest technological and mechanical standards by management personnel and top engineers.

Having completed projects with the British military in Iraq and securing a maintenance contract for the King Faizel Ibn Abdul Aziz Motorway, UGCC has greatly expanded their international reach.  With a solid reputation built up over the course of 35 years, the firm’s recent expansion into the international market is exciting to owners, investors, and employees. This bloom in growth has shown not only that the company is growing, but that their commitment to their morals, principals, employees, and the environment.
The recognition of organisations in Libya, Mumbai, and the Sultanate of Oman has helped cement the United Gulf Construction Company as a world leader in the fields of infrastructure, industrial, and commercial construction.  From construction of the New Al Khums University in Libya to the construction of an eight-lane Access Controlled Expressway as the Outer Ring Road to Hyderabad City in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, UGCC has demonstrated its capability to deliver on-schedule and within budget construction projects of the highest quality, even with the extra demands and requirements for overseas work.

Current Projects

  • UGCC Projects

    PAHW/M/1151 - 2009/2010 Construction, Completion and Maintenance of (930 Houses),Public Buildings... view details

  • UGCC Projects

    RA / 126 Construction and Maintenance of Roads, Bridges, Storm-water, Drainage, Sewer and other services for Subiya Highway (Package 3) view details

Completed Projects

  • UGCC Projects

    SE/19-2000/2001 Construction, Completion and Maintenance of A New Pumping Station at Mishref as well as Main Pumping and Slope Lines at Sabhan, Surra and Fahaheel view details

  • UGCC Projects

    Contract # 11629 Replacement of Water & Gas Networks (KOC) Ahmadi view details